Unable to complete the online PICQ® process

Unable to complete the PICQ® process is most likely because of (1) outdated Java, and/or (2) the need to clear the Java Cache.

Steps to try and remedy this, which will require Administrator privileges to the computer:

1. Ensure the Java is updated to the latest release.

2. Clear Java Cache (for Windows 7 and above):

a. Go to Control Panel 
b. Select Java 
c. On the "General" tab, under "Temporary Internet Files", select the "Settings" button.
d. In the "Temporary Files Settings" window, select the "Delete Files" button.
e. In the "Delete Files and Applications" window, select the tick boxes for "Trace and Log Files", and "Cached Applications and Applets" and hit the "OK" button, and all "OK" buttons back out of the Java selection.

3. Retry the PICQ® process. If it still doesn't work retry step 2 (a thru e) adding the step at "e" to also select the tick box "Installed Applications and Applets"; therefore all three tick boxes.

4. Retry the PICQ® Process. All should work.

If these steps do not remedy the situation, detail the steps you're taking and provide screen grabs of each step so that we can re-create the issue.

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